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Rachel K. Yurko

Writer. Teacher. Veteran.

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Pieces of My Career

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Emma's Anchor

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August 2021 Release

From the time she was born, Emma was on an amazing adventure.  She was able to travel the world, seeing amazing sights through her father’s eyes, with each new postcard he sent.  When she was old enough, she realized that it was her destiny to follow in her father’s Navy footsteps and start to see the wonders of the world on her own.  Standing on the same shores where she was born, she is ready to take her father on her travels the same way he did when she was young. 
Emma’s Anchor is 24 page children’s picture book perfect for boys and girls ages 6 and up!


Armed Services Art Partnership Graduation Show

October 2019

To break out of a rut, I participated in an amazing opportunity with ASAP.  I took an 8 week class on stand-up comedy.  Performing my set was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Image by Chris Lawton

Seasons Change

Summer 2020

To keep up my writing skills during quarantine, I enrolled in another ASAP course.  I took on the task of creating a piece for a non-fiction writers workshop.  This raw piece shows readers a piece of what it was like to navigate my divorce.  It is currently posted to the showcase as a work-in-progress and only has an excerpt of the whole piece.

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Military Spouse Magazine

2014- Present

As a freelance writer for Military Spouse Magazine, I have been able to offer insight into what it is like to be a woman in the military.  Under the name Katherine Gauthier, I have written on all aspects of military life for the past six years.


Academic Editing

Review & Revise Academic Writing Through Master's Degree Level

Before submitting your work, get a fresh set of eyes on it.  Will work with collegiate students to edit and polish papers while maintaining the academic integrity expected by all institutions.

Story Editing

Story Planning, Editing & Proofreading

Will work on short articles, fiction & non-fiction full length books, children's books, and novellas of all genre.

Resume Building

Pulling Together Your Experiences

Whether you need a refresh to change careers or are looking to build a resume from scratch, I will help you design the best resume for your job searching endeavors.

Writing by the Water



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